Family image © Weiser ImagesCounseling: Because a strong family is a child’s best chance

The most important element in a child’s well-being is a stable, loving home environment. Therefore, Kav L’Noar’s clinical therapies focus on strengthening the family as a unit while focusing on the child’s needs.

Kav L’Noar has a staff of bilingual therapists who are able to address the issues brought by new immigrants as well as those of the native Israeli families.

When a child is referred to Kav L’Noar by his or her parents or school, the parents and child come in for an initial consultation and assessment. A custom-made plan for therapy is designed and can include individual therapy for adolescents and adults, marital and couples counseling, family counseling, parenting counseling, and individual mentoring for youth.

We work with children and youth aged 10-18. Milestones and measurements of success are used regularly to assess progress and help us stay on target.

Parents are taught to self-evaluate and spot areas of potential problems before further difficulties arise. They are given tools to deal with situations and structure to avoid pitfalls. The typical length a family is in therapy is 18-24 months.

Kav L’Noar also acts as a resource for parents and guides them towards services that are available to them in the community.

Main goals of the program are:

  • To strengthen families and their relationships
  • To replace anxiety and stress with confidence and strategies.
  • To provide the family with tools to asses, approach and face future challenges successfully

Counseling Supervisor: Rina Berkus –


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