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image: baby's feet © Weiser ImagesAll parents can use some help raising adolescents in today’s challenging world. Kav L’Noar offers a series of parenting workshops to empower parents by providing new insights, guidance, support, and practical tools that can help instill confidence in parents of teens as they address the myriad issues that arise during these challenging teen years.

The eight part series provides concrete information on understanding adolescent development, changing roles and relationships, listening as a critical tool in improving communication, love and limit setting, school motivation, and self-esteem.  We also discuss the challenges of 21st century technology; smartphones, Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram… Difficult issues such as drinking and smoking are addressed in light of the information that has been provided.

The workshops are facilitated by a trained clinical social worker. Parents gain from the information, guidance, tools and support that they receive from the facilitator. They also appreciate the opportunity to hear from other parents and to find that they are not alone in their struggles. Parents are encouraged to try out their new skills with their teens.


Quotes from parents who have attended the workshops:

“My husband and I really gained a lot from the Parenting Teens workshop with Joy Epstein.  The information Joy gave was excellent.  What we especially liked was the chance to talk to other parents of teenagers, and do some “reality checks” regarding our own kids’ behavior, and our responses.I, and many of the participants are hoping we can continue with a Part Two series!”


”Joy,   What you had to say was really an education for us, and we enjoyed it.  The yakking with the others gave us a real sense of moral support.  It was surprising to us to see a family which seems to be like anyone else who would give a kid money for tobacco.  Made us count our blessings.   Thanks”


”My husband I gained much valuable insight and practical tools to help us navigate the unpredictable waters of raising teens today. In eight sessions, Joy covered a wide range of relevant topics that we all struggle with- everything from curfews, allowances to cell phones and appropriate limit setting. But more than that, Joy created a safe environment for us to share our concerns, modeling how important is to listen to our teens, as a way of building positive communication and a relationship of understanding. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who is parenting adolescents today!”
”I gained a great deal from attending the parenting work shop for mothers of teens .I learned a huge amount from Joy ,about normal teen behavior and gained skills in still being able to parent my teenagers without getting phased .The group actually calmed the atmosphere at home ,increased my confidence as a mum ,and improved my relationship with my children .”

“Hi Joy, I just wanted to give you some interesting feedback, received from my DAUGHTER no less.Last night we were sitting and talking and I mentioned that the ladies in the group were talking yesterday about what was going to happen when the workshop ended.  And she said, “I hope it will continue, because you have been a much better mother since you started going to it.”  Then she thought for a minute and said, “Whoops, I paid you a compliment and I’m not supposed to do that kind of thing.”  And I said, “It’s okay. I won’t tell anyone you did it.”How do you like that!”


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