Rabbi Lipner

2017 Jerusalem Marathon logo logo: Kav L'Noar

Seriously – I am doing a 10K?! If you know me, you know that training to run is the last thing I have time for but when I saw this wonderful opportunity, I couldn’t let my laziness dictate my response. On the simplest level, getting into better shape can only help me and the work I want to do in the long “run”, but in addition, what better motivation could there be than to raise money for a worthy organization in Israel?

As we know, Israel is not only the homeland of our people, but also the place which serves as a true light unto the nations. Nevertheless, for Israel to be strong, the people who bravely choose to move and live there need to be strong as well. Kav L’Noar is an organization that helps to ensure that they remain emotionally and mentally strong. Their family center provides much needed intervention and rehabilitative services for adolescents at risk who are trying to find their footing as young adults in Israel. They truly strengthen the future of Israel!

Join me in supporting this cause, which will also help me to strengthen myself!

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