Lotte Katz z”l

image: Lotte Katz

Mrs. Lotte Katz, z”l

Lotte Katz was born into a family with a clearly defined set of values. Throughout her formative years, her parents emphasized the importance of Torah learning and a love for ארץ ישראל, values which were reinforced during her teenage years, living in Israel after escaping war-torn Europe. Her children describe their mother as a “strong but reserved and devout woman with a mission – having lived her life with great אמונה in ה’ she followed the destiny of her life’s journey without complaint and always with a sense of appreciation for what was most important to her.” Mrs. Katz served as an exemplary role model for all on how to behave with dignity and optimism, even when faced with unending health-related adversity.

Mrs. Katz will best be remembered by the many hundreds of Jewish college and graduate students who, for a period of almost 40 years, were invited for a שבת or יום טוב meal in their home in Brookline, Massachusetts. One of these guests reminisced with these words: “I will always remember Mrs. Katz as a very hospitable, refined and elegant person with the bearing of a queen. Whenever I spoke with her, I felt in her a deep sense of caring and involvement. She had the rare ability to be a truly good listener and you just knew that the interest she took in what others were telling her would be translated into acts of חסד.”

On August 11, 2011, Kav L’Noar was honored to dedicate its therapeutic mentoring program to the memory of Lotte Katz z”l, a woman who devoted her life to mentoring and guiding others on a path that would best serve their needs and interests. She was the consummate בעלת חסד and was able to magnificently combine תורה learning with a deep love for ארץ ישראל. May all of the teenagers who benefit from their participation in the Lotte Katz Mentoring Program realize their full potential and see only good health and happiness in their lives.

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