Lotte Katz z’l Youth Mentoring Program

image: Youth MentorIndividual Youth Mentoring Program: A gentle intervention with powerful results

Kav L’Noar knows that personal relationships are the strongest influence in a young person’s life. Our youth mentoring program is built on this principle and matches young adults in their 20’s with youth struggling with life challenges. The bonds that are formed create a trust which allows the youngsters to confide in, and learn from, their mentors.

Mentors and their assigned youth meet at least once a week. Together they talk, discuss specific issues, or practice a skill they may be working on. Mentoring is done in the real world, in real life scenarios, allowing the teen to make decisions and problem solve.  It feels more natural and less intimidating for youngsters to talk while they are busy and there is no stigma attached to meeting with a cool 20 something year old for the afternoon.

Mentors are formally supervised and receive both clinical education and group supervision every other month. Contact is maintained with parents and based on parent feedback, Kav L’Noar is able to track improvements in youth’s behavior at home and at school.

This program has proven successful with participants showing significant improvement in family communication, social skills, school performance and overall behavior.

Kav L’Noar’s mentoring program encourages the implementation of evidence-based practices that research has demonstrated to be associated with the best results.These practices which are based on the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring guidelines of the National Mentoring Partnership include:

• Screening and assessing mentors to determine the best match
• Providing training and supervision for mentors throughout the relationship
• Structuring the match to last a minimum of one year
• Providing regular clinical supervision to mentors
• Providing periodic formal assessments to evaluate growth and impact
• Providing regular follow-up with parents and school personnel
• Providing other supportive services for parents that include counseling, parenting workshops and community education programs
• Implementing termination mechanism for mentor and mentee

Main goals of the program:

  • Preventing or reducing school dropout rates
  • Improving school performance
  • Preventing or reducing at-risk behavior
  • Strengthening relationships with family members.
  • Improving self-perception and promoting personal development
  • Helping teen olim with integration and social issues
  • Developing social skills to build strong and healthy friendships
  • Developing coping strategies to deal with anxiety and stress

Mrs_Katz_z_lKav L’Noar was honored to dedicate its therapeutic mentoring program to the memory of Lotte Katz z”l, who devoted her life to mentoring and guiding others. She was the consummate בעלת חסד. Read more about her here.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our Youth Mentoring Program

Videos featuring mentors and mentorees

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