Why KLN?

What people are saying / מה אנשים אומרים

הרבה הרבה תודה! מרוב הערכתי אליכם,אני חייבת לכתוב. הדבר הטוב ביותר שהיה לאופירה בשנתיים האחרונות זוהי החונכות שאופירה קיבלה מכם, היא קיבלה הרבה דפוסים התנהגותיים טובים. ושיתוף פעולה יוצא מן הכלל,של החונכת,אני מברכת אותכם שתתברכו בכל הברכות,ושמחתם אותי,ותהיו בשמחה תמיד. ותזכו להמשיך ולהתעצם בעזרת ה’ .

Thank you so much! I am writing this letter to you because of my great appreciation for  all you have done for my daughter.  The mentor she has met with for the last 2 years has been the best thing that has happened to her.  The cooperation with the mentor has been outstanding. My daughter’s behavior has completely changed for the better. I bless you with all the good blessings. You have made me happy. and I hope you will be happy always.  I hope that Kav L’Noar continues to grow and help many other  families B’Ezrat Hashem.

*Esther – Ophira’s mother *pseudonym / אסתר – אמא של אופירה *שם בדוי*

After the social and academic difficulties that had built up over the years in the educational institutions Avi attended, and from the pain and sorrow he experienced, we can say that the mentoring relationship was life-saving.

Family R.

Partial solutions are inadequate. A well-staffed clinic that is capable of providing the comprehensive approach that is essential in such cases is the only way to deal effectively with this problem. You have put together a stellar Consulting Board of outstanding experts in the various pertinent fields, and with their guidance, the expertise of staff is assured. READ MORE

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. , Founder and Medical Director Emeritus, Gateway Rehabilitation Center

… With the rising number of families making aliyah, there will be an even greater need for clinical services specializing in terms of language, culture, and common experience. In addition, opening a clinic that caters to the needs of the adolescent and adolescent culture would fill a very clear need. READ MORE.

Caryn Green, MSW , Crossroads, Founding Director

There can be no question that a mental health clinic, geared toward the needs of Anglo Olim, would be a tremendous asseto English-speaking immigrant community. We bless and embrace your endeavor, and hope to see it actualized in the near future. READ MORE.

Rabbi Yehoshua Fass , Founder & Executive Director, Nefesh B’Nefesh

Since you established Kav L’Noar in 2004 you have become the premiere address for families struggling to deal with the extreme anxiety and confusion that often accompanies dealing with a child struggling with serious emotional and behavioral difficulties. In an amazingly short time I have been impressed at how Kav L’Noar has made such a difference to these families. The provision of an array of services by Kav L’Noar insures that these adolescents and their parents are not alone. By taking these marginalized and alienated adolescents and helping connect them to caring mentors, therapists and community services an invaluable service for these vulnerable members of our community has been performed. READ MORE.

David Pelcovitz, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Education Yeshiva University , Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine

We just celebrated his בר מצוה . He is now much happier and more willing to cooperate. The two years of having such a devoted caring mentor really made all the difference. The KLN staff is exceptional very professional yet very warm and understanding you truly make the torah accessible.

A very grateful mother

Making aliyah to Israel from the English-speaking countries with adolescent children in the family is oftentimes a daunting challenge. A new country, new friends, a new language and a different mindset are all part of the momentous adjustment that young people face at such a time. The blunt truth is that until now there has been very little help forthcoming to assist in the adjustment that these adolescents must make to their new environment. As one of them expressed it so poignantly: “No one seems to care about me or my family.” The organization Kav L’Noar has been established to fill this painful gap in the Israeli social system. It maintains a mental health center and clinic, provides necessary therapy and guidance and proves to the troubled adolescent that there are those who really do care about him or her. With its wide range of programs and its excellent staff, Kav L’Noar has already made an important difference in the lives of scores of English speaking adolescents and their families living here in Jerusalem. READ MORE.

Rabbi Berel Wein