My name is Meir Kaniel & I recently began running as a way to improve my general health and to reduce stress and anxiety.  Last year I was privileged to organize a special Marathon campaign for the benefit of Kav L’Noar. With the help of a lot of special people, I completed my first marathon in Orlando, FL, and our campaign raised almost $13,000!

This year we are reaching for the remarkable by taking running and our Marathon campaign to a whole new dimension. We will soon begin organizing a small group of students to run in their first very own race so they can complete the Jerusalem 10k in March 2016. They will receive the necessary training while learning first hand about the benefits of running and how running can be used to develop life skills.

While I am helping the students prepare for their race I will also be training to complete another full marathon (26.2 miles), this time in Houston, TX, scheduled for January 17th 2016.

As someone who understands the incredible service and support that Kav L’Noar provides, I ask you to please join me in this very special campaign. Help me reach my goal of raising $15,000 for the benefit of the children and families that Kav L’Noar supports. Help me facilitate the launch of a new and exciting program that uses running and the training process to help teens develop their life skills to overcome their challenges. Last year I ran for the children. This year please partner with me so I can help the children run for themselves!