Feifer /Weiser Family: Running for Families to keep Families Running!

2017 Jerusalem Marathon logo logo: Kav L'Noar

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Feifer/Weiser Family running the Jerusalem Marathon to benefit Kav L’Noar

My passion for my work as Administrator of Kav L’Noar  is based on seeing the families each day- and the difference between the day they first come in and the progress they make throughout the time they are being helped.  My collection of thank you letters from parents and their children is a growing testament to the difference we are making in the last 12 years.

I will be walking the 10k along with some of my Feifer family members- including my husband Avi . We will be joined by our sons  Yisroel and Eli and our son in law Yami Weiser and our grandson Roey who will all be running the 10k race.

The Feifer Family supports the important life changing work that  takes place in Kav L’Noar’s counseling, parenting, mentoring and school mentoring programs.

This year we have set our fundraising goal to $1,500 which will help support a mentoring relationship for one year. 

 We invite you to invest in the future of our youth and help Kav L’Noar continue to create positive change and provide support, therapy, and guidance for youth at risk and their families in Israel.

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